The Ultimate Facebook Ads Strategy for eCommerce.


Let’s face it. eCommerce is rewarding but extremely tough to crack if you are starting out. There is more than 100 reason why people convert and why people don’t buy.

It’s not just about product market fit, but it’s also about your market strategy, design and marketing messages, e-commerce speed and many more.

It’s not as easy as just putting up the product and run Facebook ads. It’s beyond that.

You have to understand how people perceive your product, your marketing messaging and the way you connect with your audience.

The ultimate facebook ads strategy is by understanding your business and marketing and optimizing your Shopify store for best conversions.

  • Product marketing message.
  • Product pricing and competitiveness
  • Brand strategy
  • Website speed
  • Social reviews

The product message is very important, especially you want people to remember about your product and keep coming back. It’s very crucial because normally the first time visitor will not buy when they first see your Shopify store. Sales will happen only after 3rd visits and more.

So product marketing message is very important because you want them to engage with your message and remember about your brand

Product pricing is one of the most important optimizations. You have to learn about the competition, how much they are charging for a similar range of product and how you can outbeat their pricing

This is where product market research is very important so that you are able to capture visitors that come through your store and will make the decision to purchase from you rather than your competitor. Sometimes even if its $1 difference, people will actually go for another website to buy.

Brand strategy is very important. This is how you stand out in the crowded noise where thousands of other brand are competing with you. The only way to win this game is to stand out well in the competition and whoever masters the brand strategy actually win the game

Website speed is #1 reason that influence conversion rate. Any Shopify store that loads more than 3 seconds will lose at least 30% of the first time traffic that comes to the store. To win the game and increase conversion rate, speed optimization is the #1 priority for conversion rate.

Read this guide from about building and optimizing a high conversion Shopify store

Social reviews are important for people to learn about what others have to say about your product. People who first learn about your product will carefully research and hear what others have to say before they are convince to buy your product.

To scale your e-commerce with Facebook ads it’s not just about optimizing your Facebook Ads campaign, but actually taking a holistic approach when it comes to optimizing your entire Shopify store for great success.