The Ultimate eCommerce conversion funnel

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What is eCommerce Conversion Funnel?

Have you ever wonder how some eCommerce able to get above $200 for Average Order Value (AOV) while the industry standard is at $50 or $100?

The secret is within eCommerce conversion funnel.

What is conversion funnel? It’s basically consist of several phase of journey that customer will go through and with product upsells and downsells/cross sells, you are able to make them purchase even more.

This sounds amazing but it will be extremely difficult if you do not have a good understanding of the framework.

To learn about eCommerce conversion funnel, first you need to understand the concept of AIDA

What is AIDA

Aida stands for.

A – Awareness

I – Interest

D – Desire

A – Action.

Awareness is where you put your brand out there. People at this stage is just starting to learn about your brand and they may not buy now because they don’t see there is any need. During awareness stage it’s extremely important that you need to make them comfortable with your product and most importantly, they love the ads.

Interest. During interest stage, client will start to trust the brand and consume most of your content. As part of the funnel, you should continue to get your content out there with better exposure especially to client that have seen your brand.

First Step: Attracting Attention From Potential Customers

Understanding the funnel and AIDA framework, you will need to acquire traffic from mainly 5 channel.

  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Google Adwords
  • Bing
  • Social Media Content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keeping Them Interested

Once they have landed on your eCommerce store, you will be able to capture their data using Facebook Pixel and Google tracking, and retarget them with sequence of content. Avoid repeating the same content because it will hit ad fatigues.

Final: Taking Action

This is where you reap your results with strong call to action. For eCommerce, you can run eCommerce conversion based campaign with really strong Call to Action such “Buy Now” button.

Using these above methods, we have seen really huge success in eCommerce scaling especially with Facebook Ads and Google Ads.