The Approach On Hiring The Best Makeup Artist

The Approach On Hiring The Best Makeup Artist

Before hiring your makeup artist, make sure you have clear expectation on what are you looking for.

-What kind of makeup style are you looking for?

Before you engage with a makeup artist, you need to make sure what are the makeup styles you are looking for.

Some makeup artist specialize in simple and elegant, which some makeup artist are well known for certain type of makeup style. It’s really important to understand what do you want before engage with the right makeup artist. It’s best to learn about their style and their previous portfolio and decide if that is your style.

– What events are you attending?

Are you attending annual dinner or friends wedding event? By first identifying the event you will be able to know what to look for in makeup artist. This will help them to prepare in advance such as makeup products and accessories.

For example, if you are attending wedding event you will need to have some light hair accessories with different color theme to match the wedding theme. By letting your makeup artist know in advance, it will help them to prepare well before actual day makeup.

  • Look at reviews and past portfolio

One way to identify if the makeup artist is right for your event, is by looking at their portfolio. This is 100% good way to gauge if you will like their makeup approach.

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Some makeup artist have their own signature makeup style. For instance, some would really apply “thin” and sharp contract on nose to make it stand out, while others focused 80% on eyes shadow and embracing the eyes.

However, the best way to choose makeup artist is to go with the signature makeup that you love.

Try to read their reviews to understand what are their core strength. Do they deliver good service? How their customer felt about their quality? Do they arrived early at your makeup venue? Are they very detailed to your specific request?

It makes a huge different and by listening on what others have to say, you will be 100% sure if they are the right makeup artist for your event.