SEO Strategies for 2020

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These SEO strategies focus primarily on optimizing websites for voice searches. They might include: 

  • Utilizing different keywords
  • Including a FAQ section for commonly asked questions
  • Re-writing content in a conversational tone

These are the most common techniques utilized by digital marketing agencies while implementing voice SEO, but there are many more. Which techniques are used will often depend on the business, and the goals that the business has set. 

Which SEO Strategies Do SEO Agencies Use?

An SEO agency in Malaysia will incorporate several different strategies depending on the needs and goals of the business. For example, an online store will not need to increase traffic to their brick and mortar store because they do not have one. In this situation, a marketing agency would not implement a wealth of local SEO techniques because this would not produce results. Instead, they would focus more on best SEO practices and voice SEO to drive organic traffic to the online store. 

What To Look For In An SEO Agency

When searching for an SEO agency in Malaysia, it’s important to look for a few key things. These will guarantee that you are not wasting money on an agency that does not produce results. 

Proven Results

An SEO agency in Malaysia should be able to prove that that can give your business results. Ask for examples of case studies, but keep in mind that these might be somewhat vague. Due to privacy laws, some agencies might not be able to release the names of their clients. (Clients don’t always want people to know that they have hired an agency for SEO purposes.) Any agency you choose to work with should have a proven track record of success. 


The more experience an agency has, generally the better they are. If an agency is just starting out, they might still be learning about the SEO game themselves. However, if the agency is brand new but the employees have years of experience, that still counts. Ask SEO agencies in Malaysia how long they have been in the game, and for individual levels of experience. If someone is working on your case, you want them to have experience. 

The Same Goals

You want an agency that can listen to the goals that you have for your company, and then help you achieve them. For example, you might want to see more local traffic coming into your business. This calls for a specific digital marketing plan. If the company you are working with decides that they would like to see your business getting more online sales, it is a different goal, will come with a different marketing plan, and it will not give you more local traffic, which is what you want. It’s not about what everyone else wants. Instead, you want an agency that will hear you and work beside you to achieve the goals that you have in mind. 

Leaders You Can Get Along With

While this isn’t going to help a website rank higher or increase local traffic, it is necessary, especially for companies that plan to work with a marketing agency for an extended period of time. If you have a personality clash, you won’t have a pleasant business relationship. Often, this leads to clients avoiding conversations with their marketing company, which means they won’t be happy with the results. Make sure that you get along with the people working for you. 

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